Search Engine Submission


“you can have the best

looking website in the world

but it makes no difference…

…if no-one can find it”



Get Your Website Listed With All Major Search Engines

What does it mean?
We will submit your website directly to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing by creating and submitting your sitemap. This means if your website is new or recently updated you don’t have to wait for these search engine to try to discover them.

Won’t web crawlers, bots and spiders from search engines find my website eventually?
No not necessarily. If you have a new website in a new domain or have updated your websites content or web address, inbound links have not yet been established, search engines have no way to automatically discover the new site. In this case using search engine submission is necessary. Submitting your website to search engines tells the web crawlers, bots and spiders to begin “crawling” through your website searching for your focus keywords, tags and links.

Does my website need to have search engine optimisation (SEO)?  
Yes. In short, to obtain good placement on search results in the search engines your website pages should be optimised. Target keywords and keyword density, optimal website content and site structure, link building and social media integration are all important SEO features and help improve your websites search engine rank.


At all our custom built websites feature the basics in Search Engine Optimisation services specifically implemented to get your new website listed quickly and correctly in any market. In many cases this is sufficient however, in more competitive markets we recommend a more intensive, yet cost-effective, strategy for generating more business through your website.


Search Engine Submission

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