Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the best looking website in the world but it makes no difference if no-one can find it! 

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services involves ensuring your website content, inbound and outbound links, keywords and Online Marketing Strategy is structured in the correct manner to meet the requirements of the major search engines with the desired result – to outperform your competitors. 

Search Engine Optimisation Service

At all our custom built websites feature the basics in Search Engine Optimisation services specifically implemented to get your new website listed quickly and correctly in any market. In many cases this is sufficient however, in more competitive markets we recommend a more intensive, yet cost-effective, strategy for generating more business through your website. Our plans are structured according to your business needs and market industry. Contact us for a free quote, we will research the market and respond with an effective SEO plan to reach your target audience.


4 Steps To Better Rankings – there are 4 main steps to getting better search engine rankings.

  1. Keywords & Market Research – keywords are the words that your customers enter into a search box when they are looking for products and information. If the correct keywords are not found throughout your site in the correct locations then your desired customers and visitors will never find you in Google or other Search Engines. We will analyse your business, products and services and research the search engine keywords specific to your target market.
  2. Website Content Optimisation – your content gives search engines the information they need to rank your website for your targeted keywords. We will optimize your content pages to help maximize your rankings. 
  3. Link Building – links are a major factor in driving rankings for your website. Our link building efforts will focus on finding opportunities to get links from related sites and directories pointing back to your site that will help improve your rankings.
  4. Online Marketing Strategies – there are several methods and strategies involved within online marketing. Some of which we will get you to consider are:

→ Google Places Listing – using the power of Google Local Business, Maps and Places to build your business, inform your customers and promote your operating hours and services. In fact, you can and SHOULD do this for your business even if you don’t have a website.
→ Search Engine Submission – we get your website correctly listed with all major search engines.
→ Social Media Services – The world of social networks and social media are a new influential factor in search engine optimisation and cannot be ignored. Is your website social? We can make sure it is!

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Search Engine Optimisation


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