Art Affaire

Art Affaire

Client – Art Affaire

Business Type – Fine Art Gallery/Shop.

Website Address –

Description  – Art Affaire began in 1996 at Sorrento Quay Hillary’s as a small upstairs gallery, over the years it has expanded into the reputable gallery selling beautiful art pieces around the world. The gallery showcases all forms of art, from original paintings to framed art, sculptures, photography, prints and much more, catering for all discerning art lovers.

Our Work

Website Design – Art Affaire’s original website was created shortly after the gallery was founded in 1996, it was a dinosaur by today’s standards with a non responsive design, poor navigation and lacked the unique quality Art Affaire as a gallery possesses. It was our aim to give it a fresh up-to-date look and style that was capable of showcasing some of the amazing art works Art Affaire offer. 

Website Logo – The old gallery website used an out dated logo that no longer matched the new gallery’s signage. Using a photograph of the sign we were able to match the new website with the Gallery sign.


Sign Photo




Website Logo