Tips for Posting Content Your Audience Wants

Tips for Posting Content Your Audience Wants

As a business owner, it’s important that you only post content on your Facebook page that your audience would find useful. The goal of posting content is to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

However, many companies make the mistake of posting unprofessional content and/or content that their audience couldn’t care less about. When this happens, they stop visiting your page as much, in fact, some people unlike you – breaking their connection with you altogether. You definitely want to avoid this. 

Tips for Posting Content Your Audience Wants

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you are posting content your audience wants to see:

1. Make sure the text content is professionally written.
The content you post is a direct reflection of your business. Therefore, if you post content that is full of grammatical errors and typos, your fans will think that your business, products, and services are unprofessional as well.

2. Make sure you post content they WANT.
In other words, make sure that most of your posts are directly related to your industry. Try to avoid going off to talk about topics that have nothing to do with your business. Of course, there are times you may post about something unrelated to your industry, but keep that at a minimum. Besides, they’re connected with you on Facebook because they enjoy your products and services. Therefore, keep most of your content relevant.

3. Make helpful posts.
Give your audience tips, advice, tricks, and ideas related to your industry. Doing so will boost your credibility with your fans as they will view you as the authority in your industry on these topics. Besides, people love to get helpful tips from businesses they enjoy so why not give it to them?

4. Use visuals.
People today have become more inclined to visuals such as photos, images, graphics, videos, presentations, and more. Therefore, adding any of these elements to your posts will make them more exciting for your audience. Furthermore, it will bring more attention to your posts, causing them to get Shared and Liked more than those without visuals.

5. Experiment a little.
The aim of posting on your Facebook Business Page is to advertise your business without paying big bucks for the advertising. Keeping the posts relevant to your business is important but it is also okay to experiment a little, using humour or inspirational quotes are a great way to get your content Shared by existing fans of your Facebook Business Page. These Shares will expose your page to more potential fans to Like your page, which can potentially bring more customers to use your products or services.


Example of inspirational quote.

Posting on your Facebook page may seem like rocket science at first, but it’s really simple. Just figure out what type of content your target audience wants and make sure you give it to them. As a result, they will keep coming back to see all of your updates and actually look forward to them.


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